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Schröder relies on butcher-to-butcher relations

Article from Asian Meat-Magazine 10/2014/English

The difficulties of Injektion
The precision of the injection and along with it the quality of the product mainly depend on the following factors: the brine composition and conveyance process and the composition of the piece of meat. This problem ist challenging task for the manufacturers of injectors.

Article from Fleischwirtschaft-Magazine 1/2014/German/English

Precision on injection

Article from Fleischwirtschaft-Magazin 6/2012/German

The most clever injector: IMAX IT

Article from Fleischwirtschaft-Magazine 3/2012/German/English

Anuga Foodtech Award 2012

Exhibition Review

Article from Fleischwirtschaft-Magazine 3/2012/German/English