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BRIMAX 2000 Mischer

The BRIMAX mixer is used for the precise mixing of solid and liquid components. The operations are automatically controlled up to the completely mixed and cooled brine.

Technical data
BRIMAX 2000 mixer
Mixing tank, control unit and heat exchanger
Compressed air        
8 bar, quick-release coupling, max. consumption 0.5 Nm³/h
Coolant connectionHose connection Ø 40 mm, propylene glycol
Electrical connectioCEE plug – 32 A, 380–440 V, 3P/NPE, 50 Hz, 2.5 kW
Water connectionHose connection Ø 40 mm
Cleaning connectionOptional, G3/4
Machine weight1,200 kg (without product)
Machine dimensions

Length 2,850 mm, width 2,600 mm, height 3,100 mm
Height = 3,530 mm with optional agitator
Packaging dimensionsLength 3,300 mm, width 1,750 mm, height 1,650 mm