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IMAX 620

The IMAX 620 injector with integrated rake draw is suitable for use as an individual machine and in processing lines.

Schröder injectors – key characteristics 

  • High hourly output and injection output for effective machine utilisation
  • Ability to be integrated in production lines
  • Entry, management and documentation of machine and process data (e.g. brine pressure, injection speed, brine temperature, length of product draw, injection type)
  • Production hygiene: The electrical and mechanical systems are found inside the machine, whilst the pump and brine pool are found outside. The brine feed system can be completely removed, meaning it can be cleaned simply and effectively. Partially-automated cleaning processes reduce the need for manual intervention by personnel.
IMAX 620: Processing capacity (fresh product weight):
15 kg/m² (fish)             3,010 kg/h                              
22 kg/m² (poultry)4,415 kg/h
30 kg/m² (pork)6,025 kg/h
35 kg/m² (beef)7,030 kg/h

At 60 cycles/min, 100 mm draw/cycle, 90% capacity

Technical data                  
IMAX 620
Transportation typeRake
Machine lengthapprox. 2100 mm (without infeed chute)
Machine widthapprox. 1650 mm + brine pool
Machine heightapprox. 2600 mm
Loading height1200 mm
Speed (strokes/min)
15 - 60
Draw100 / 50 mm
Electrical connection380-440 V, 50 / 60 Hz
3P / PE, 32.0 A
Connection of
pump / drive
14.5 kW