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Visionary technology: the intelligent IMAXIT controller has a modular design. With a new intuitive user interface, it sets new standards in user-friendliness and information provision.

As the central control unit, the controller connects the functions but also provides independent control of the desired injection rate.
The highlights are the integrated scales. State-of-the-art load cells with a special new scale technology, sealed in stainless steel blocks, sturdy, impact-resistant and precise.

Designed for the meat processing industry.

Hotspot operation

  • Intuitive user interface with clear presentation of information.
  • Easier and direct access through a main page to all important menu items, such as recipe management, user-level control, inline weighing function, machine configuration and many more.
  • User-level control of up to 15 individual users.
  • Limited access to injection and machine parameters via password.
  • Maximum process reliability.
  • Understandable display using symbols.

Continuous inline weighing

  • An integrated weighing system, consisting of two load cells within a belt system; continuously records the weight before and after injection and determines the injection rate during operation.
  • The load cells used are robust and cast in stainless steel to comply with all health and safety aspects of the meat industry.
  • The injector monitors, detects and responds automatically to different injection quantities by changing the pump pressure during operation without IMAX stop.

Documentation / Audit support

  • The IMAXIT is able to completely monitor an eight-hour production­process as well as monitor and display all process data at any time.
  • Using the process visualisation software VISMAXIT, the recorded trend charts can be transferred to an external computer, allowing an unprecedented level of documentation.
  • With audits, the production history such as batches, input and output weights, injection volumes, etc., can be shown for each day as well as any given hour and minute – a novelty in injection technology.