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MAX 6000

The MAX 6000 massage unit is designed for up to 6,000 kg of meat. It is primarily used in the industrial production of cooked cured goods from beef, pork or poultry. The mixing blade shaft with five helical mixing blades ensures optimal mixing and a uniform massage effect. Loading is made at the front and unloading at the back, meaning it is ideally suited to processing line functions.

MAX 6000 – Standard equipment

  • Frequency-controlled drive for setting the speed on the mixing blade shaft
  • Recipe management
  • Vacuum pump
  • Thermo plate for connection to a cooling system
  • A comfortable platform is available for cleaning and inspection work.

A charge container with vacuum suction pipe guarantees a comfortable load process. Pneumatically-controlled loading slide valves are available for fully-automatic loading.

The touchscreen control allows both pre-programs and main programs, an exact massage at a set time and freely selectable vacuum quantities at selectable speeds.

The spraying of liquid additives and intake of solid materials (optional) is possible whilst the process is running.

The mixing of raw ingredients and half-finished products is then avoided, in addition to all other productive advantages.

Drainage is made very easily into containers that fulfil the requirements

Technical dataMAX 6000
Max. filling capacity
(container volume)
6000 kg meat
7000 litres
Outer cylinder diameter2000 mm
Length including drive (without vacuum suction system)3250 mm
Length including drive (with vacuum suction system)6000 mm
Width2050 mm
Height3350 mm
Drainage height
900 mm
Electrical connection3 x 400 V, N, PE 50 Hz, 17 kW without cooling system