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MacMAX 500 Roller Tenderiser

The combined use of injectors and roller tenderisers is a common international production method for improving the product quality. A larger product surface is created, either by slitting the surface or completely processing the muscle:

  • Optimisation of the massage process
  • Improvement in slice cohesion (e.g. in products with membranes)
  • Improved slicer yield and visual appearance of the product
Technical dataMacMAX500 Roller Tenderiser
Height ca. 1350 mm
Height with opened hood ca. 1,750 mm
 ca. 2,260 mm with installed crane
Width ca. 1350 mm
Length ca. 3450 mm
 ca. 3990mm with long belt
Connection values 230/400V +/- 10%,  50/60 Hz
Pneumatic connection max. 6 bar