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Detailed audits by customers, a steadily growing number of government ordinances and regulations as well as a variety of product versions required by the market necessitate consistent transparency with regard to each stage of production.

Schroeder Maschinenbau KG has been supporting its customers for years with the VISMAX software system. The pioneer of networked production lines is presenting its new system VISMAXweb at the Anuga trade fair. VISMAX users are familiar with recording relevant production data in cooked ham production, from the brine treatment and the injections right through to the massage unit and the ensuing meat distribution. The analysis of data to provide trend data but also for the purposes of documenting and analysing production has proved a valuable tool to customers for many years.

Schroeder Maschinenbau is taking another significant step with this new web-based solution.

New features have been developed, e.g. the “Batch” module. Using this module not only enables the original product to be registered and integrated into the production process, it also does this for brine labelled in the same way. The subsequently injected meat is then automatically given a new batch code which is consistently tracked in the further stages of production.

The various machine states of the production line are recorded with the “Service” module. Not just fault signals which can optionally be sent automatically by the system as an e-mail, the degree of use of various machine components such as the motor, gears etc. are also continuously recorded. Maintenance states and service intervals can be derived from the information gained and automatically flagged up in the system or sent as an e-mail to the supervisor (or directly to the Schroeder service team to schedule an appointment if need be).

With the newly designed “User” solution, user rights and access options can be set centrally and individually for each individual machine and/or employee, modules known from the previous version such as “Recipe” or “Export” have also been redefined and overhauled.

The issue of data security is of major significance in the new software. Being a web-based system, you can of course access VISMAXweb  at any time and from any place via your smartphone or Tablet, Cloud is not used however. All data is registered centrally on the customer’s company server, but the data is only physically present there, external access is guaranteed via the respective customer-specific security system.