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Reducing costs during the production of cooked cured goods. Schröder HVB technology was developed for injecting high-viscosity brine in whole cuts of different meats and in whole fillets of different fish types. 

The trimmings used in this process replace a part of the expensive meat cut, thus helping to reduce costs. The meat proteins in the trimmings are activated during production of the brine, which leads to improved water retention. The fine comminution and injection technology are so effective that the trimmings cannot be seen in the end product.

Advantages in the end product:

  • Improved water retention
  • Reduction in loss of product juices in the packaging
  • More intensive taste / enhancement of meat aromas
  • Reduced additives
  • Decreased losses during slicing / improved slice cohesion
  • More tender product texture
  • Balancing of PSE errors (pale / soft / exudative)
  • Lower production costs